We offer emergency light duty, medium duty and heavy
duty towing throughout South Dallas County and beyond.

To better serve you please have the following information ready.

• Where are you located? Try to give the block number of the street/hwy/interstate or the intersection to the best of your ability.

• What kind of vehicle are you driving? Car? Truck? Van? Trailer?

• Is your car completely disabled? Give basic details to what is wrong with your vehicle. I.E. Flat tire, overheated, broken ball joint, etc.

• If you are in a "Tractor/Trailer" & require a 'Heavy Duty' Wrecker will the towing require both tractor & trailer or just the tractor or trailer. If the trailer is involved, is the trailer loaded? How much is the weight of the trailer if loaded?

Getting this information upfront helps us provide the proper service more quickly.

Service Vehicle Pickup